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Broadcast Applications

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CrewCom’s advanced decentralized network architecture allows for system expansion for applications and future system growth in ways not previously available.

For large system installations, CrewCom offers a significant price advantage. Featuring 1,024 always-available Conferences, the system provides the unique flexibility of a matrix and/or party-line without the high cost. When comparing the total cost of deploying CrewCom wireless intercom to other systems, CrewCom emerges as the obvious choice.

CrewCom’s advanced RF technology provides reliable coverage from small van communications to complex synchronized multi-studio facilities.

  • Small, lightweight belt pack
  • Advanced architecture for growth and extended coverage
  • Individual volume controls for each PL
  • Advanced assignable ISO features

Click Here to view a CrewCom multi-studio production application

Example coverage using the following CrewCom components

CrewCom 8-Port Copper Hub 1 CHB-8C
CrewCom 4+4 Control Unit 1 CCU-44-2400

CrewCom 2.4GHz Radio Transceivers 7 CRT-2400

CrewCom 4-Channel / 4-Volume 2.4GHz Radio Packs 12 CRP-44-2400