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CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver

CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver
CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver

Product Details

Model/Part #:CRT-900
  • Supports both Normal and High Density modes of operation
  • One RT supports up to 6 Normal mode or 32 High Density mode Radio Packs
  • Two separate RF bands available in two models (CRT-900 & CRT-2400)
  • LED status indicators for data RX/TX, operation mode, and error
  • CrewNet in connections (etherCON or Duplex LC Single Mode Fiber) with an addition single copper CrewNet thru connection for connecting up to a total of eight CrewCom Radio Transceivers in a daisy chain-configuration
  • Micro USB connection for firmware updates (also available through CrewNet)
  • Integrated ping function which uses all LEDs to physically identify an RT
  • Dual powering options (network power or external 48VDC, sold separately)

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The CrewCom® Radio Transceiver houses a radio with corresponding antennas and serves as an access point enabling RF communications with CrewCom® Radio Packs. Using CrewNet as a backbone, up to 46 RTs can be positioned on the network throughout a wide coverage area by being linked back to a Control Unit either directly, through a Hub(s), or connected in a daisy-chain configuration.

In The Box

Items Included

  • Radio Transceiver
  • Omni-Directional Antenna (x2)
  • 15ft. (4.6 m) Cat 5e cable
  • USB A to Micro B cable
  • Mounting Hardware and Bracket
  • Product Overview Guide
  • Warranty Extension Registration Card


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