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CrewCom’s reliability and scalability gets the job done

With advanced RF technology, CrewCom enables large-scale deploymentand provides extremely reliable wireless communication even in domed and highly reflective environments. CrewCom’s technology ensures exceptional range and expandability while also providing customized roaming that ensures individual users are guaranteed access within specified coverage areas.

The included graphical software application, CrewWare™, provide  for comprehensive offline configuration, online control, and real-time monitoring of all CrewCom system components.

Example coverage using the following CrewCom components

CrewCom 8-Port Copper Hub 1 CHB-8C
CrewCom 4+4 Control Unit 1 CCU-44

CrewCom 2.4GHz Radio Transceivers 8 CRT-2400

CrewCom 4-Channel / 4-Volume 2.4GHz Radio Packs 12 CRP-44-2400
CrewCom Audio Expansion Unit 1 CXA-4244
48v Power Supply 1 PPS-48V