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Our History

Originally a one-man operation, CoachComm was founded in 1991 by Peter Amos. Peter had created a user-interface specific to football for Auburn University that significantly enhanced sideline communications performance. It was this technology that attracted the attention of Division 1A and professional football teams. Almost instantly it was adopted as the standard in sideline communications. Peter began to create an entire business, CoachComm, around this advance in communication technology selling headset systems to Division 1A football teams and high schools across the country.

Over the ensuing years, CoachComm began catering to high school level customers. Peter's focused efforts in headset technology produced the Connex system which is now the standard in wireless sideline communication for thousands of high schools and small colleges nationwide. Connex features high speed digital technology which provides affordable, crystal clear and reliable communication for coaches. CoachComm's continued commitment to product innovation and quality have made the Connex headset system the flagship product for the CoachComm product lines.

CoachComm then expanded its communication vision to encompass cutting edge wireless technologies for the production community as well as other vertical markets. CoachComm's Tempest product serves as a solution for the dilemma wireless communication users are facing due to the FCC rules changes and frequency allocation in the UHF band. Tempest is a frequency hopping, spread spectrum wireless intercom unit operating in the 2.4GHz and 900MHz bands - bands that don't require licenses and are already in commercial use with cordless phones, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Our product and engineering teams continue to work hard at work creating the next wave of products that will be aimed at specific market needs. This hard work has resulted in a new division and new and exciting products on the horizon.