CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver


  • One RT supports up to 6 Normal mode or 32 High Density Radio Packs
  • Two separate RF bands available in two models (CRT-900 & CRT-2400)
  • LED status indicators for data RX/TX, operation mode, and error
  • CrewNet in connections (etherCON or Duplex LC Single Mode Fiber) with an addition single copper CrewNet thru connection for connecting up to a total of eight CrewCom Radio Transceivers in a daisy chain-configuration
  • Micro USB connection for firmware updates (also available through CrewNet)
  • Integrated ping function which uses all LEDs to physically identify an RT
  • Dual powering options (network power or external 48VDC, sold separately).
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The CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver (RT) houses a radio with corresponding antennas and serves as an access point enabling RF communications with CrewCom Radio Packs. The RT supports up to six Radio Packs in Normal Mode and up to 32 Radio Packs in High Density Mode.  Using CrewNet as a backbone, up to 16 RTs can be positioned on the network throughout a wide coverage area by being linked back to a Control Unit either directly, through a Hub(s), or connected in a daisy-chain configuration. Power is provided over a CrewNet copper connection or via an optional 48 VDC power supply (PPS-48V, sold separately). NOTE: This 900MHz product ONLY available in North America.

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RF Scheme FHSS with TDMA, Effective Radiated Power 315mW ( 26dBm), Receiver Sensitivity -100dBm, Radio Certification FCCID: 2AX9C-CCT900 and IC: 30796-CCT900, Transmission Range 650 ft. (200 m) under typical conditions; 1950 ft. (600 m) line of sight (Note: Functional range depends on many variables, including RF signal absorption, reflection, and external interference.), No. of Radio Packs Supported (when RT in Normal Mode) 6, No. of Radio Packs Supported (when RT in High Density Mode) 32, Number of Antenna Connections per RT 2, Antenna Connector Type RP-TNC, Supplied Antenna 2dBi Omni-directional (whip), CrewNet In Port (supports 1 connection) (1) RJ-45 for copper; (1) duplex LC for Single Mode Fiber, RT Loop Port (1) RJ-45, Maximum Line Length Copper 330 ft. (100 m); Fiber 32,800 ft. (10,000 m), Network Power CrewNet RJ-45 only, External Power 48VDC Power Supply (Sold Separately), Weight 1.43 lbs (650 g), Maximum Altitude 9,842 ft. (3,000 m), RoHS Yes


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