CrewCom In-Line PTT Adapter


  • Remote CrewCom C12 Radio Pack Button Operation
  • li>Long Cable Length to Allow the Button to be Mounted Where Needed

  • Secure and Adjustable Button Holder Clip
  • Female Dual 3.5mm connector and one TA6F Mini XLR Female Connector for use with any CrewCom C12 Compact Radio Pack
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The CrewCom In-line PTT (Push-to-Talk) Adapter with a Dual 3.5mm Female and a TA6F Mini XLR Female Connector is a perfect solution for remote button operation with the PHS-IEHU-TA6F Universal Fit In-Ear Headset combined with CrewCom C12 Compact Radio Packs. Note: This adapter ONLY works with CrewCom CRP-C12 Compact Radio Packs.

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In-line PTT Adapter