CrewCom Universal Fit In-Ear Headset 4F


  • Light weight design and crystal-clear sound
  • Sport-style microphone with in-ear (left or right) holder
  • Flexible ultra-light boom
  • Custom earmold compatible (Sensaphonics & Coda Room Audio)
  • Highly-sensitivity omni-directional microphone
  • Flexible silicone outer-ear holder for increased security
  • Replaceable windscreen and rubber or foam ear buds
  • 4-Pin Female XLR Connector
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With the ultimate comfort and flexibility in mind, Pliant’s Single-Ear Universal (Left or Right Ear) In-Ear Headset [PHS-IEHU-4F] features a 4-Pin Female XLR connector and can bed use with CrewCom Full-Sized Radio Packs. The headset not only provides great comfort but also flexibility by utilizing silicone ear concha locks and ear buds for ether left ear or right ear orientation. In addition, the in-ear headset also supports custom ear molds specifically designed for a individual user’s ear from custom earmold manufacturers Sensaphonics and Coda Room Audio.

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In-Ear Headset, Rubber Earbuds (x3) Small, Medium, Large), Foam Earbuds (x3) (Small, Medium, Large), Generic Silicone Ear Molds (x2) (Left, Right), Zippered Pouch Soft Case