FleXLR-44 Gender Adapter


It’s the biggest little thing to help you work.

The FleXLR is a compact 4-Pin XLR Female to 4-Pin XLR Female gender adapter for adapting to 4-Pin XLR Male headsets.

Category: SKU: PAC-FLX-44


The FleXLR Gender Adapter provides a simple, compact solution for connecting headsets to devices with non-matching 4-pin XLRs to provide added flexibility in headset choices and adds only 10mm when used. The FleXLR is available in two models: PAC-FLX-45 (XLR-4F to XLR-5F) & PAC-FLX-44 (XLR-4F to XLR-4F). Adapts to any Pliant Radio Packs and Control Units.