MicroCom 900XR Four-Pack-AN


  • Two Intercom Channels
  • Single-ear lightweight headsets
  • Up to 10 Full-Duplex Users
  • Dual Listen
  • Three Flexible Operating Modes
  • Extended Range Performance
  • IP67-Rated
  • Field-Replaceable Battery
  • Extended 12-Hour Battery Life
  • Available Drop-In Charger
  • Also Available in Oceania Model: PMC-900XR-4PKAN
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MicroCom 900XR Four-Pack AN (Oceania) wireless intercom system is a robust two-channel full-duplex multi-user wireless intercom system that operates in the 900MHz frequency band to provide superior range and performance. The Four-Pack system includes four SmartBoom LITE headsets, a 6-Port USB Charger, and a MicroCom Hard Travel Case. The system features lightweight belt packs and provides exceptional sound quality, enhanced noise cancellation, and long-life battery operation. In addition, MicroCom’s IP67-rated belt pack is built to endure the wear and tear of everyday use, as well as the extremes in outdoor environments. For those applications where budget and user density are critical, MicroCom 900XR delivers superior range, affordable price, and solid wireless performance.  For use only in Oceania.



MicroCom 900XR DataSheet


MicroCom Brochure

MicroCom 900XR Product Sheet

MicroCom 900XR Quick Start Guide

MicroCom 900XR Operating Manual


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4-Wire In/Out Interface and Headset Adapter [SKU: PAC-MC4W-IO]

In the Box

Belt Packs (x4), Li-Ion Batteries (x4), Belt Pack Antennas (x4), USB Charging Cables (x4), Headsets (x4), Cable Clips (x4), Windscreens (x4), Headset Bags (x4), 6-Port USB Charger, Region-Specific Power Cord, Quick Start Guide, Headset Data Sheet, Warranty and Support Information Card


MicroCom XR 900MHz Four-Pack Wireless Intercom System Package. Please see individual items for specifications.