MicroCom XR Two-Way Radio Adapter Cable-Kenwood


  • Black two-way adapter cable for use with Kenwood compatible radios
  • 3.5TRS connection
  • Kenwood 2-pin connection
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The PAC-KEN-2P is a two-way adapter cable that is compatible with the following Kenwood radio models : NX200, NX220,NX230, NX230EX, NX240, NX300, NX320, NX3200, NX3220, NX3300, NX3320, NX3400, NX5200, NX5300, NX5400, PMR446, THD72A, THD7AG, THF6A, THF7E, THG71A, THK20A, THK21A, TK208, TK2100(ProTalk), TK2102(ProPower), TK2130(ProTalkXLS), TK2160, TK2170, TK220, TK2200, TK2202, TK2207, TK2212, TK2300, TK2300VP, TK2302, TK2312, TK2360, TK240, TK2400UK,TK2400VK, TK2402UK, TK2402VK,TK240D, TK248, TK250, TK260, TK260G, TK270, TK270G, TK272, TK308, TK3100(ProTalk), TK3101(FreeTalkXL), TK3102(ProPower), TK3130(ProTalkXLS), TK3131(FreeTalkXLS), TK3160, TK3170, TK3173, TK320, TK3200, TK3201, TK3202, TK3207, TK3207, TK3212, TK3230, TK3230XLS, TK3300, TK3300VP, TK3301E, TK3302, TK3312, TK3360, TK340, TK3400, TK3401DE, TK3401DT, TK3402, TK340D, TK348, TK350, TK3501E, TK3501T, TK353, TK360, TK360G, TK370, TK370G, TK372G, TK373, TK430, TK431, TK5320, TK5400.