Wireless Intercom for Every Budget

Simple to operate and budget-friendly, MicroCom XR is the ideal intercom solution for applications where quality wireless intercom wasn’t previously a viable option. MicroCom delivers hands-free operation, great sound, and excellent range, all at breakthrough pricing. Now you can cut the cable and have effective communication to get your job done more easily.

MicroCom XR’s excellent range and rugged construction make it the perfect choice to deliver dependable performance for any application including theater, concert, corporate events and just about anywhere groups need to communicate together. With MicroCom XR, there’s finally an easy-to-use intercom solution that gives your production the right wireless intercom at the right price.

Not sure which MicroCom model is right for you?  Click here to view a brief comparison of MicroCom and MicroCom XR.

Available Models

MicroCom 900XR BeltPack
MicroCom 900XR
MicroCom 900XR BeltPack
MicroCom 900XR AN
MicroCom 2400XR BeltPack
MicroCom 2400XR
MicroCom 900XR Receiver
MicroCom REceiver
MicroCom 900XR Receiver AN

The Ideal Choice for a Range of Applications

Get More. Spend Less.


Available in 900MHz & 2.4GHz bands for flexible options.


Adjustable side tone and mic gain levels.


Superior dynamic range provides clearer audio in loud environments.


Compact yet durable, rugged, and weather-resistant.


No base station required.


Set up multiple work groups for various roles.


Wide selection of professional headsets available for a variety of applications.


Rest easy. MicroCom is backed by outstanding service and a two-year warranty on parts & labor.**

MicroCom 900XR Radio Pack with SmartBoom Pro Headset


Same great qualities as MicroCom M, plus:

  • Two Intercom Channels
  • Up to 10 Full-Duplex Users
  • Unlimited Listen-Only Users
  • Unlimited Shared Users
  • Excellent Range Performance
  • IP67-Rated
  • Field-Replaceable Battery
  • Extended 12-Hour Battery Life
  • Available Drop-In Charger
  • Wide Selection of Headset Choices

* 900MHz products ONLY available in North America, Australia and New Zealand.


Pliant offers a wide range of professional headsets for use with MicroCom. Ranging from the complete line of popular SmartBoom® headsets to small, cost-effective specialty headsets, Pliant has a headset to fit your application and budget.

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