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MicroCom offers a simple and affordable professional wireless intercom solution for any budget. Available in 900MHz* (where legal) and 2.4GHz, MicroCom provides full-duplex intercom and unlimited listeners, providing great flexibility for applications where high-quality audio, excellent range, and low-cost are essential. Along with a wide selection of headsets, MicroCom is ideal for houses of worship, videographers, corporate events, schools, and a wide array of other applications. The system features small, water-resistant beltpacks and provides clear sound, ease-of-use, and long-life battery operation. Built well enough for professional use, the system is very simple to set-up and use, an important benefit when working with less-technical staff and volunteers. Pliant’s MicroCom offers exceptional performance and range while also providing key features to users with modest budgets.

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*900MHz products ONLY available in North America, Australia and New Zealand.