CrewCom wireless intercom delivers a knockout performance during Showtime Boxing Events

Systems RF Range, Reliability and Simple Interface Prove to be Useful for Leading Wireless Audio Provider Soundtronics

Date: June 4th 2019

Soundtronics Wireless Las Vegas provides wireless audio technology for many high-profile broadcast and live events, including The GRAMMYS, American Idol, NFL on FOX, SHOWTIME® Boxing and The Academy of Country Music Awards. Since July 2018, Soundtronics Las Vegas has turned to Pliant Technologies’ versatile and flexible CrewCom wireless intercom for every SHOWTIME® Boxing show, including SHOWTIME® Championship Boxing and ShoBox: The Next Generation.

“When we started researching all of the new communications systems available, we knew we needed a system that was small, incredibly reliable for travel, priced well, could handle at least 18-24 RF beltpacks, and worked in large stadium-like venues without RF multipath or reflection issues all over the country,” saysJason Waufle, partner at Soundtronics Wireless Las Vegas. “CrewCom fit that exact description better than any other wireless intercom system on the market today.”

Soundtronics Las Vegas was looking for a spectrally-efficient intercom system that did not operate within the traditional analog UHF spectrum. As the FCC auction starts to become a reality for broadcasters producing live shows, every single frequency matters. A huge advantage for frequency coordination is CrewCom’s ability to operate in both 900MHz as well as 2.4GHz bands.

“The other main benefits of using CrewCom is the easy CAT5 loop through radio transceivers (RT), simple interface with other systems, and the six beltpack per RT capacity, which allows for fewer antennas needed per zone,” says Waufle. “The system also has four button beltpacks and internal ISO channels built into each button, which allows for a total of eight different channels on a single beltpack.CrewCom’s use of CAT5 cables comes with a lot of additional benefits in terms of housing patch panels, ease of cable runs, cost and covering a large area during events.”

On SHOWTIME® Championship Boxing, Soundtronics Las Vegas deploys 16 four channel beltpacks, with a total of six RTs to cover three separate zones. They place three RTs inside the main arena bowl, two RTs in the locker room, and one RT near the broadcast truck or production office for full coverage of all users throughout the facility.

“CrewCom’s RF performance and reliability are industry leading and second to none,” adds Waufle. “A single RT can and has covered an entire sold out 18,000+ seat arena with absolutely zero dropouts, zero packet loss, and all with exceptional audio quality. CrewCom has allowed us to increase our wireless users, as well use more of the available UHF spectrum for other equipment like microphones, IEM’s, and IFB’s. Pliant’s CrewCom wireless intercom system is easy to use, has a small learning curve and supplies end users with flexible functionality.”