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Once any production effort expands beyond a one-person operation, efficient, clear, and stable communications between the members of the production team become essential.  As the number of production personnel grows, so does the need for the participants to talk with each other.  In the current environment, where the need is for social distancing, or even isolating, production departments from one another, communication is critical.

We realize that needs vary and the infrastructure (or budgets) required to support a large-scale intercom system is sometimes not available.  This is why Pliant intercom solutions range from basic, ready-to-go intercoms to large-scale systems that incorporate multiple coverage zones as well as a range of accessory offerings.

Small Theater Application

MicroCom M  – Affordable, Easy-To-Use Wireless Intercom.

It’s important to have an intercom system is is easy to set up and operate, especially in community theaters where staff members are often volunteers.  The MicroCom M system features a quick learning curve, ease of operation, and affordability.  Available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands, the system features frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology to insure clear, reliable communications.  The system comprises weather-resistant, compact, and lightweight beltpacks that are easy to use and wear.

The single-channel system accommodates up to five full-duplex users, or it can be configured as four full-duplex users with an unlimited number of push-to-talk (PTT).  Either configuration provides an unlimited number of listen-only users.

Medium Theater Application

Powerful, Easy-to-Operate Wireless Intercom for Backstage and Front of House Communication

Centers providing quality arts and cultural experiences need quality communications at affordable prices.  To provide production staffs with reliable communication solutions to put on high-quality events, many organizations are relying on Pliant’s MicroCom XR and CrewCom CB2 systems.


Pliant’s MicroCom XR is a 2-channel wireless intercom that allows up to 10 full-duplex users and unlimited listen-only users as well as a shared mode. With unmatched performance, outstanding simplicity, and value. As the first wireless intercom solution of this feature set to be available at this price point, MicroCom XR offers exceptional sound quality and range, providing more features and performance to users with modest budgets

MicroCom XR system, paired with SmartBoom headsets, ensures an efficient flow communication, both on and off the stage.  XR helps ensure that all aspects of a production are executed as planned, with a coverage zone that reaches from backstage to front of house and beyond. Exceptional audio quality along with the easy of use make MicroCom XR a popular choice for any production demanding quality communications.



Communication between crew members is essential in live shows but finding the right system, at the right price can be challenging. The full-duplex, install-friendly, and feature-packed CrewCom CB2 professional wireless intercom system is an ideal solution for small- to mid-level applications requiring a reliable, great sounding intercom with excellent RF coverage and range. Built on the CrewCom family platform, with the same proven RF technology, the CB2 is easy to set up and use without the complexity or cost associated with higher-end systems.

Available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency options as well as 900MHz Oceania and 2.4GHz CE compliant models, the system includes the CrewCom CB2 basestation and up to six normal mode or 16 High Density mode CRP-12 radio packs to create a powerful but economical wireless intercom system. CB2 provides customers with two intercom channels as well as interconnectivity to all industry standard two- and four-wire intercom systems.

Good intercom is essential to a successful event, even smaller ones, and being wireless frees personnel to do their job unencumbered. The ease of setup and intuitive operation makes the CrewCom CB2 ideal for community theater and smaller venues that depend on non-technical volunteers to run the show, while its interconnectivity and extensive configuration capability offer an excellent wireless solution to complement existing wired intercom installs. With its extended 7 kHz audio range and robust RF performance, CrewCom CB2 is an affordable, yet powerful wireless intercom solution.

theater - cb2
Theater diagram

Large Theater Application

CrewCom Digital Wireless Intercom System Offers Increased Flexibility and Range

Communication requirements for large theaters are often very specific such as works in multi-level buildings, goes through walls, easily moved between theaters, as well as, reliable coverage and battery life.  Many systems can meet some of the requirements but it rare to find a system that checks all of the boxes.  CrewCom easily solves the communication challenges that face larger theaters.

With CrewCom, you don’t need to sacrifice ease of use for features.  User-friendly yet powerful, CrewCom radio packs offer extended run time, clear communication with out drop-outs.  Available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands, you can select the system needed in order to stay away from conflicts with other wireless devices.

Additional beneficial features are CrewCom’s multiple channels of communication as well as its expandability.  As with any CrewCom system, the configuration allows the flexibility of future expansion as well as allows for changes in number of users depending on the production.  CrewCom can be added to over time as needs expand, providing a long-term solution to maximize the investment.CrewCom allows for two separate A and B channels of communication, as well as a second private (ISO) channel. This private channel is great for area-specific communication. For example, video camera operators can talk to each other to coordinate video shots while not interrupting the stage manager calling the show.  CrewCom extensive features set helps enhance productivity among users and offers smoother operation of overall performance.