CrewCom is an ideal replacement for UHF intercom systems that have been affected by spectrum changes. Available in both 2.4GHz and 900MHz simultaneous bands CrewCom provides the ability to easily put global-friendly, dependable RF coverage where needed, all while employing an easy-to-use interface throughout the system.   CrewCom’s 900MHz band model (North America only) offers comparable or even better coverage than traditional UHF systems while providing excellent voice quality.

Delivering groundbreaking technology to handle tough intercom issues and even tougher RF environments is the foundation of CrewCom.  Covering wide areas with traditional UHF technology often requires additional equipment such as antenna distribution systems, etc.  With CrewCom, you’ll be able to cover a wider area at less cost than with UHF technology easily and simply.  CrewCom meets the constantly varying challenges production professionals with competitive pricing, RF coverage, you need, full intercom routing and more in a simple to set up and use system.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that CrewCom is a sound investment both now and in the future.  From a simple, smaller application to a large, multi-area facility, CrewCom has the solution to fit your intercom needs at a price that will fit your budget.  Replacing your old UHF system shouldn’t require having an RF expert on hand.  That’s why we offer the easiest system setup along with the most user-friendly radio pack on the market.  Entertainment and production professionals alike can easily adapt CrewCom to new RF challenges as well as constantly changing production requirements.

CrewCom’s innovative features provide you with unmatched performance while also providing outstanding value

  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • License-free
  • Excellent voice quality and wireless range

Learn more about CrewCom and why it’s the smart choice for wireless intercom when replacing UHF systems.


Most everyone using wireless technology in the United States will be impacted by the FCC repack results announced in April of 2017. Users will be forced to abandon older UHF solutions in search of solutions that work with the new federal regulations. Many corporations such as T-Mobile® and Dish Network® have been investing billions into purchasing the UHF band to expand their network and capabilities. The government’s transition period for UHF users to vacate the band is scheduled out over the next 12–18 months; however, as out of October 2017, T-Mobile has already begun ramping up their efforts to start UHF testing in several markets across the U.S.. If you use wireless technologies such as intercom systems and wireless microphones, it is important that you understand how the changes will specifically affect your current wireless solutions.

What is the “Repack”?
The FCC defines the repack as “reorganizing television stations in the broadcast television bands so that stations that remain on the air after the incentive auction occupy a smaller portion of the UHF band, thereby freeing up a portion of that band for new wireless services uses.”(Source: FCC website’s “Primer for Broadcasters”)

You can view this transition schedule in greater detail on the FCC’s website.

See bands here

Figure 1: FCC Band Plan Scenarios

Whether you are considering purchasing new wireless intercom system or simply wanting to ensure the usefulness of your current system (if it remains in a legal operating frequency), here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • 614–698 MHz will be repurposed during a 39-month transition schedule. If any of your current wireless systems can operate somewhere between 614–698 MHz, they will be illegal to use as of July 2019. This expanded time period is intended to give TV channels and other users the time to shift their systems out of that part of the UHF spectrum. You may soon discover in some areas that you are already receiving interference from the new signal being deployed by various carriers.
  • Timing of the change will vary. During the transition period, there is no guarantee as to when the UHF band will become unavailable for wireless intercom. Companies who purchased a large portion of the spectrum have already received approval to begin testing in the 600 MHz space. This could mean that systems operating in the 600 MHz range will become less viable and more difficult to tune to open frequencies.
  • For most people, UHF intercom systems will be rendered obsolete.
  • Using wireless intercom in unlicensed ISM bands can be complicated by many RF users or other RF sources. It is critical to choose a wireless intercom system that is designed to mitigate RF difficulties that can occur in unlicensed bands.
  • If you own a wireless intercom system that operates in the 600 MHz range, the best course of action is to replace it with a system that operates outside of that range.


For more than 30 years, CoachComm has provided wireless intercom solutions that remain timeless in application and value. As the professional division of CoachComm, Pliant Technologies, LLC continues this level of commitment to customers by offering innovative solutions that solve challenging problems in what is most certainly becoming a more complicated RF landscape. If you have any questions about this information or have questions regarding which wireless intercom system best fits your applications in this new and changing RF environment, feel free to contact our sales team at +1.334.321.1160 or [email protected]