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            Contacting Us

            Pliant Technologies service personnel are ready to help you with any issues you may have. All requests and questions should be directed to our Customer Service department via phone (+1.334.321.1160), fax (+1.334.321.1162), or email ([email protected]).

            Click on the products below to learn more about warranty service:

            Sending Equipment for Repair

            You must first obtain a Return Material Authorization.  Please do not send any equipment directly to the factory without first obtaining a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number from a dealer or from Pliant.  Select from one of the following RMA forms below:

            Service/RMA Request Form - Pliant Purchased Products

            Service/RMA Request Form - Clear-Com® Tempest Purchased Products

            Obtaining an RMA Number will ensure that your equipment is handled promptly. In addition, Pliant personnel will provide a Service Request Form (SRF) for completion and return via email or fax.

            All shipments of Pliant products should be made via UPS, or the best available shipper, prepaid and insured. The equipment should be shipped in the original packing carton; if that is not available, use any suitable container that is rigid and of adequate size to surround the equipment with at least four inches of shock-absorbing material. 

            Important! Please read the guidelines for shipping any Pliant Lithium-Polymer Batteries. Pliant Battery Shipping Guidelines

            All shipments should be sent to the following address and must include a Return Material Authorization Number:

            Pliant Technologies
            Customer Service Department
            Attn: Return Material Authorization
            205 Technology Parkway
            Auburn, AL 36830-0500 USA

            Product returns should follow this same procedure.  Dead on Arrival (DOA) equipment should be sent to the dealer or distributor from which it was purchased.


            CrewCom and MicroCom products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of sale to the end user, under the following conditions:

            • First year of warranty included with purchase
            • Second year of warranty requires product registration on the Pliant web site.

            Tempest professional products carry a 2-year product warranty.   Click here for full details and product warranty information.

            Product Registration:

            Registering your Pliant product is fast and easy. By doing so, your product warranty will be documented and for CrewCom and MicroCom products, you will qualify for a free second year of warranty. You will also have the opportunity to receive product news and more. If you do not have an account on the Pliant Technologies web site, you will need to create one in order to register your product.  Below are easy ways to register your products.