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Tempest T-Desk

Tempest T-Desk

Product Details

Model/Part #:T-DESK
Note: Tempest systems are subject to availability
  • Visually friendly and easy-to-use optimization tools
  • Battery alert status dashboard
  • Mic Kill functionality
  • View and control 2-Wire/4-Wire I/O and Aux out levels
  • BeltStation sidetone and mic adjustment
  • Save and load device profiles for quick configuration

Availability: In stock



Tempest2400 and Tempest900 systems include Tempest Desktop software (T-Desk) to simplify the process of optimizing, monitoring, and managing your Tempest systems. T-Desk is a PC-based program that provides an intuitive method of accessing multiple Tempest Wireless BaseStations and their associated BeltStations, allowing a user to adjust critical settings from a remote computer in real-time. Multiple, easily accessible software screens display relevant, real-time system information in a manner that is easy to see and adjust.

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